Washington Advance Health Care Directive (Living Will) Form

The Washington advance health care directive(living will) is a legal document that is prepared by a person (Principal) who would like to simply state their end of life decisions in writing, while they are of sound mind, so there are no questions with regard to the medical options they would select when they are no longer able to make their own decisions. The Principal will have the option of selecting and naming a health care agent to assist physicians in the end of life process. The health care agent will be obligated to ensure that the Principal’s wishes are honored throughout the process. Until that time the Principal may change or revoke the document as they choose.

Laws – 70.122.010, et seq. Natural Death Act

How to Write

Step 1 – The Principal must first download the document. Submit the following:

  • The date in which the document is created, in mm/m/yy format
  • The Principal’s full name
  • Read A and B
  • Read the statement in section C, then check and initial the answer that best reflects the Principal’s wishes
  • Read D through G

Step 2 – Signatures – Enter the required information as follows:

  • Principal’s signature
  • Street address
  • City, County and State of Residence

Witnesses – Each witness must read and agree to the witness statement and enter the following:

  • Witnesses printed names
  • Witnesses signatures
  • If the witnesses have any additional comments, enter the comments in the box provided
  • Provide copies to physicians, health care agent(s), witnesses and any other interested parties that the Principal would like to make the information available to