Louisiana Living Will Form

The Louisiana living will is a legal document that once completed by the Principal, is a document that will protect the wishes of the Principal with regard to their choices if/when they are facing death, and their desire to pass away naturally. This document must be completed only by the Principal while they are of sound mind. In the event, there should be an improvement or the Principal decide they would like to revoke this document, as long as they are still of sound mind, they may do so at any time they so desire. This form must be witnessed by two unrelated witnesses.

Laws – Louisiana Revised Statutes 40:1299.58.1 et seq.: Declarations Concerning Life-Sustaining Procedures

How to Write

Step 1 – Download the document and provide a date of execution of the declaration

  • Submit the Principal’s name
  • The Principal must carefully review the paragraph following the establishment of author of the document
  • Initial only one of the statements of direction for the attending physicians

Step 2 – Signatures –

  • The Principal must read the statement of competency, stating they are mentally and emotionally prepared to make the declaration
  • Enter the Principal’s signature
  • Enter the name of the City, Parish, and State of Residence

Step 3 – Witness Signatures –

  • The witnesses must read and agree to the witness statement
  • Each witness must then enter their respective signatures