Illinois Living Will Form

The Illinois living will is a legal document that is made available to a Principal, so that they may plan, in advance, how they would wish to have their health care matters handled in the event they are no longer able to handle their own medical affairs on their own. This document will require signatures of two witnesses.

Laws – 755 ILCS 35/1, et seq. Illinois Living Will Act

How to Write

Step 1 – Begin by downloading the document

Step 2 – Date the declaration in dd/mm/yyyy format –

  • Enter the Principal’s full name
  • The Principal must then take the time to read all of the information in this section
  • The Principal must take the time to make decisions with their friends, family members, clergy or whomever they trust to ensure that the Principals end of life wishes are honored
  • Once the Principal has read this section, they must then submit their signature
  • Enter the Principal’s City, County and State of their residence

Step 3 – Witnesses – The witnesses may not be related nor should they be in any way entitled to any portion of the Principal’s estate:

  • The Witnesses must read and completely agree with the witness statement, anything less will make the document void
  • The witnesses must then submit their respective signatures

Step 4 – The Principal and their family should read all of the following information:

  • What is a Living Will?
  • Who may execute a Living Will?
  • What are the advantages of a Living Will?
  • Must an attorney prepare the Living Will document for you?
  • When should you execute a Living Will?
  • When does a Living Will take effect?
  • How can a Living Will be revoked?
  • Will your Living Will be recognized in another state?
  • Other things to consider: (1 through 3)