Texas Advance Health Care Directive(Living Will) Form

The Texas advance health care directive(living will) is a legal document that is set forth by any person (Principal) who would like to prepare in advance, for any unforeseen medical situations at end of life circumstances. The Principal will have the ability to provide written instructions for their physicians, health care agents, and family. The document must be completed while the Principal is of sound mind and must be witnessed by two unrelated persons, or it may be notarized instead. Should the Principal find it necessary, this document may be revoked or changed at the principal’s discretion.

Laws Chapter 166 (Advance Directives Act)

How to Write

Step 1 – The Principal must download the document –

  • Begin by reviewing the first three (3) paragraphs before proceeding

Step 2 – Directive –

  • Enter the Principal’s name and read the remainder of the paragraph
  • Read the next paragraph pertaining to choices to be made by the Principal should the learn that they have a terminal condition
  • The Principal must select one of the options

Discontinuance of Treatment –

  • Read the paragraph and again select the statement that best reflects the Principal’s choices

Step 3 – Additional Requests –

  • After the Principal has discussed all of their options with all necessary parties the Principal may enter any treatments or options they do not wish to be implemented
  • If the Principal does not have a medical power of attorney and they are unable to communicate their wishes regarding their care, they may list two persons (into the lines provided) who they feel would make decisions that best reflect the Principal’s desires and values
  • If the physicians determine that the Principal is within hours of death, the Principal provides signature indicating permission to withdraw all life-sustaining treatments
  • The Principal must provide their signature
  • Date the signature in mm/dd/yyyy format
  • City, County and State of residence

Step 4 – Witnesses – The witnesses must provide read the entire witness statement. If in agreement with the statement, submit the following:

  • Witnesses respective signatures
  • The final page of the document is a list of definitions in the event the Principal requires them
  • Once signed and witnessed, provide copies to all necessary parties